About Us

Our mission is to save you real money on quality electronics and smartphones with exclusive offers and deals.

C2 Exclusive brings our years of leadership in consumer electronics and wireless to our offers. We work with approved manufacturers, distributors and employee benefit providers to bring exclusive savings to employees and their families. Our offers are only available to employees and their families through our trusted benefit partners. You are here seeing our current deals on a secure website: this is because our manufacturers and partners take employee savings as seriously as we do. Our offers are not available to the general public.

We want to be the first place you go to save money on phones and electronics, and we are here to help. If you can use assistance or have any suggestions just let us know

Why Choose Us

Buy from us for exclusive savings and high quality! We work with approved manufacturers, distributors, and trusted employee benefit providers to bring unique offers and savings to employees and their families.

It is scary to purchase used phones online. Many online sellers are not concerned with the cosmetic and physical condition or performance of the devices they sell. We at C2 are obsessed with providing you the best value on exactly what you pay for.  Our certified refurbished smartphones are all genuine A or B Grade devices.

A Grade Devices look and perform like brand new phones, or have only the smallest cosmetic flaws.

B Grade Devices are fully functional and may have light scuffs or discolorations.

Our requirements demand that our certified refurbished phones have been thoroughly inspected to truly earn their Grades and become a part of our inventory. We want our devices to delight you in value so you will be an ongoing Customer and recommend us to your co-workers. We also offer 30 day free returns on everything we sell.
Whether you are buying new or certified refurbished, we work to bring you the best values when buying quality electronics. If we can help please let us know any time at www.c2exclusive.com.